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How To Choose The Right Gemstone

There are about 200 different types of natural gemstones known in the world today, and each has its own properties that help direct and influence our energy towards greater health.

Gemstones vibrate at their own frequency in the same way that the cells in our bodies and our chakras vibrate at their own frequency.  This means that when we come into contact with gemstones, our different frequencies meet, the energy properties of our bodies are transformed, and our physical, emotional, and spiritual balance is enhanced. 

Likewise, the frequencies and vibrations of gemstones are known to change depending on the energy surrounding them.  Thus, every stone has a unique and different effect on each individual person.  So how are we supposed to know which gemstones are right for us?

Choosing the right gemstones can be a little intimidating as there are so many beautiful options with so many positive healing properties.  What’s great is that you will always choose the right gemstone if you go with what feels right to you.  Feelings and emotions, like our bodies and gemstones, vibrate and emit their own frequencies continuously, and we attract and are attracted to the gemstones with the vibrations that will serve our highest good at the time of selection.

To find the right gemstones, first clear your mind and put aside all your thoughts and ideas about stones.  Then, take a quick look at my ‘Shop by Gemstone' collection with fresh eyes (and without reading any descriptions).  Usually one or two gemstones and their colors will stand out from the rest.  After you’ve identified these standout stones, read their descriptions and properties.  If they resonate with you, you’ve found your stones… and colors too!  Gemstones that share the same color share many of the same healing properties, so as you peruse the pages of my shop, you’re on the right track if you choose other gems of the same color group. 

Here are some other things to consider when choosing a gemstone that works best for you:

  1. Are you aware of a chakra imbalance?  If so, Shop by Chakra here.
  2. Is there something specific you are looking to heal, work on, improve? If yes, you can Shop by Intention here.
  3. Are you looking for a gemstone for a friend or loved one? If so, do the same as you would for youself, except put that person in your mind, feel his/her energy as though he/she is beside you, then glance my ‘Shop by Gemstone’ collection and choose the gemstone that stands out from the rest.

Gemstones contain the remarkable ability to absorb, amplify, transmit, and transform energy.  They are an effective and fun way to help direct and influence our energy towards greater health… and they become even more powerful when used with the right intention.  Have fun, enjoy, and learn How to Set Your Intention here (coming soon).